“It’s none of your business if others purchase puppies”

“It’s none of your business if others purchase puppies.”

I have heard this sentence many times, so I have given it a lot of thought. What others do in their own, private, lives should not matter to me or anyone else.

Except, it really does. The concept of ethical breeding seems irrational to me when there are millions of unwanted dogs around the world. Millions of puppies from breeders, from accidental litters of family pets, and from un-neutered strays end up in shelters and pounds. They either live out their lives in isolation without a family or they end up euthanised (often in inhumane ways one can’t even begin to imagine) for no fault of their own.

Komloi Rescue Organisation – Hungary

Even the “lucky” dogs who find the best families possible, are usually left with life-lasting traumas that affect them in their everyday lives. So, I ask:

How is it ethical to purposely bring a dog into this world?

Perhaps there are arguments that can be made about dogs bred for specific jobs such as detecting bombs, or to assist people with disabilities. And, while there are a lot of examples of great mutts who could perform these tasks exceptionally, my main concern is not about the specifically bred dogs who make up a tiny fraction of the canine population.

I’m referring to people who buy family pets because they “cannot live without a pug,” “absolutely need a labradoodle,” or they “have always wanted a german shepherd”. I’m referring to the people who disregard the health effects of these overbred dogs and put their own enjoyment or convenience above the wellbeing of these individuals. They also disregard the amount of unwanted yet equally fun, loving, loyal, smart and athletic dogs waiting in shelters.

Even if you know for sure your dog comes from health tested parents, from the best breeder, a show line or whatever… By purchasing that puppy you are paying for a new life to be forced into existence while also taking away the survival chances from two dogs – the one you could’ve adopted and the one who never got rescued due to a kennel not freeing up for him.

Also, it must be noted that the shelters are also packed with pure bred dogs, and many breeds have their own organisations where you can pick from a huge selection of different frenchies, yorkies, vizslas, collies etc.

Komloi Rescue Organisation – Hungary

Animal rights organisations, shelters and sanctuaries are left to clean up the mess, created by the ever-growing demand for purebred puppies. And then, of course the “animal lovers” who purchased that labradoodle puppy or the french bulldog from the breeder are the first the cry out when they hear that yet another dog had to be euthanised in the pound. Unfortunately there is nothing the animal rights organisations can do about it. There is no space, no resources, and no manpower to tend to the amount of dogs who need to be saved.

So, don’t tell me it’s none of my business if someone purchases a puppy- because every consumeristic demand for a pedigree pooch takes away the fighting chances of two out of many millions, of dogs without loving homes all around the world.

2 thoughts on ““It’s none of your business if others purchase puppies”

  1. I just wrote an article that was very similar to this. I think it is a very important message that all dog lovers shoulder aware of. ❤ Thank you for sharing this with the world.

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