My issues with saving dogs from the Yulin meat festival

Lately, I have had several recommended posts on Instagram about the dogs saved from the Yulin meat festival, their journey to the U.S. and Europe as well as their integration into their new homes.

While I think any animals saved are great progress, I have a few hang ups about this specific type of animal rescue.

I find it intriguing that when checking out the commenters’ profiles, many were pictured having hamburgers at fast food restaurants, putting on a BBQ with the family or eating seafood on the beach…

At the same time, on some of these photos of the dogs, there are thousands of comments outraged about how one would have the audacity to kill an innocent dog. But when they are asked about their diet choices, whether they wear fur or use animal tested products, their answer is often disappointing to me.

It is so honourable, I dare even say “in style” to be against cruelty when it comes to dogs and cats. However people find it difficult to feel the same level of affection towards cows, pigs, chickens and other “livestock” animals. They find it hard to see all living, sentient beings as equals.

I am not against saving these dogs – in fact I think the local activists are doing an incredible job saving these wonderful animals from horrible deaths. If I lived there, I would join in the action without a doubt!

My problem is the trap of hypocrisy a large portion of the population has fallen into, when it comes to this trend. People feel like once they donated to save these animals or adopted one of them, then they have done enough to stop animal suffering. I have a problem with people adopting a dog from a meat truck and eating a stake or a hotdog the next day.

People need to wake up and realise what they are doing. Posting sad emojis under a post about dogs on slaughter trucks, on the other side of the planet won’t help anyone. Stop exploiting all animals, volunteer at a local shelter or sanctuary, adopt dogs, adopt other animals if you are able to and make a real difference in the world!

To the wonderful activists at @nodogsleftbehind and other local organisations: You are doing a wonderful job and you should continue saving these beautiful souls!
To the commenters who feel fulfilled by feeling sorry for golden retrievers and then eat chicken nuggets the next day: do your research, and realise the animals you are consuming are also sentient beings just like that golden retriever. Once you feel like you are doing all you can do locally to improve animal welfare, then please do adopt one of these sweet dogs.

All living beings are equal, they all deserve to be treated with respect, regardless of what species they happened to be born into.

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