Camping with my rescue dog

We love camping with Cherry!!

The longer we’ve had her, the more overwhelmingly positive most things with her are becoming.

She is the perfect travel companion, sleeps through 10 hour car drives, chases butterflies around the campsite and at the end of the day she snuggles in the end of our sleeping bag.

It’s almost like she was made for camping, hiking and anything outdoorsy and adventurous… I say almost because her only requirement is there must be a waterproof jacket for her on hand, otherwise she sits there shivering, looking sorry for herself the moment it’s under 20 degrees.

We decided to go camping every month this year to be “forced” to explore more of the Netherlands. We started off this challenge at Het Veerse Gat in Zeeland.

The place was beautiful, quiet and very “Cherry-friendly”. Our campsite was right next to a canal that turned out to have super stinky mud at the bottom, so of course Cherry spent a considerable amount of time running in and out of it to make sure she wasn’t too clean. She fully embraced the camping life. There was also enough grass area to set up her 20 meter long-leash tether so she could run around πŸ™‚

In just 24 hours, we hiked around the area, visited two beaches, found an unusually tall chair, crossed a very swingy suspension bridge and ate some veggie burgers for dinner.

Is there anything better than seeing a dog who grew up isolated in a small kennel, getting to spend time in nature running, digging, sniffing and chasing? It’s difficult to explain how happy it makes me to see her being a normal dog. Can’t wait to see how October’s adventure will go!

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