Cherry is obsessed with the vet

This is no joke. Cherry is obsessed with going to the vet.

I have known dogs to be well behaved at the vets, even sometimes a bit excited for the treats… but my dog is not normal. I purposely do not walk within the 5 minute radius of our vet’s office because the moment I pass that threshold she looses her mind.

She starts pulling, wiggling and I stand little to no chance of controlling her. Although we have mostly sorted out her reactivity issues, I prefer to wait on the street or in a private waiting room to make sure I’m not pushing her out of her comfort zone.

During our vet visit this afternoon, there was a bigger dog standing in the waiting room so I chose to stand on the street as he was blocking our way to the private room.

As I turned around the walk back outside to wait, Cherry lay down and I actually had to pick her up to take her outside. Then, she proceeded to lay on the pavement crying with so much emotion that multiple pedestrians asked me if she was seriously ill and whether I needed help with her…

“No thank you,” I answered. “She is just crying because she’s not allowed to enter the vet’s office.”

People were a bit confused but decided to smile and walk away. When the vet nurse finally came to let us inside, Cherry couldn’t contain her excitement any longer and leapt around like a few month old puppy frantically smiling at everyone in the waiting room, trying to jump on them and maybe lick their faces.

Ignoring the fact that she is two years old and this behaviour is totally embarrassing for her age, it was sort of endearing:) Our lovely vet didn’t even get a chance to lower the examination table. Cherry jumped straight up onto it and proceeded to voluntarily perform a medley of her favourite tricks including waving, handshakes, sit pretty and play dead (during which she almost fell off the table, I had to catch her).

I guess it goes without saying that everyone was watching her show and according to the vet she officially got the most cookies in the history of the clinic. Ah I love my dog… All this for routine vaccinations 🙂

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