Saying Thank You to My Dog

Nonchalantly, I asked Cherry to get off the couch so I could fix the blankets. As she jumped off, I murmured thank you without even thinking about it, then I realised it’s not something I normally do.

This got me thinking, why don’t I say thank you to her? I talk to her like a person all day long, so why can’t I also say thank you? If my kid got off the couch when I asked her to, my initial response would be to say thanks, but with dogs for some reason it’s different.

I often use the phrase “good girl”, like it’s her job to listen to me rather than thanking her for being so good. I guess it’s not a big deal at all because either way she is happy but this is yet another way we differentiate between animals and ourselves. I will try saying thank you more often to her, although I know the way to her heart is through food…

I guess my takeaway from these thoughts is that our dogs owe us nothing. Their loyalty and eagerness to please is a gift they give us rather than their job. We must remember to reward our dogs for good behaviours and thank them for being good, because they do so much for us everyday! 🙂

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