Cherry’s Longest Car Ride

After months of planning to leave Cherry with a dog-sitter for the Christmas break, many last minute cancellations and a health complication, I finally decided to just bring Cherry along on holiday. So, we set out to drive from the Netherlands to Hungary.

As someone who loves traveling and camping, I am so lucky to have a dog who enjoys car rides! In this way, I like to think she is a bit like a baby because they often have an easier time settling during a car ride than at home in their crib. Normally, Cherry is a bit of a troublemaker but as soon as we start driving, she falls right asleep.

This weekend, due to the traffic situation, our road trip turned into a 19-hour drive! Sometimes she liked looking out through the window but she mostly just slept in various super uncomfortable positions.

So much so, that she felt like she had enough sleep for the next 48 hours. Since we arrived, she has constantly been on the go! Arriving at 2 AM, I was so excited to finally go to sleep but I was kept awake by her Christmas present (a chuckit ball) dropped on my face every few minutes… I ended up playing tug with her until 3:30 in the morning and then I was woken up by her again at 7am to go for a walk 🙂

I can’t be mad at her though, because I don’t know many dogs who would quietly endure an 19 hour drive! I am constantly realising how lucky we are to have her.

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