While this is a blog written by me, her human, the true star of the blog is: Cherry.

I have sat here for a while trying to figure out the best way to describe this dog. One might say she is an exuberant puppy, who can never say no to an adventure. Other times she is a bundle of love, the ultimate queen of cuddles and naps. She is also oddly invested in her friends’ and family’s hygiene – she makes sure to lick everyone’s faces clean on a regular basis.

All in all, Cherry is one of a kind. She reminds me everyday to appreciate the little things in life. This dog, who was thrown out of a car as a young puppy, lived on the streets for a while, then spent most of her teenage months in a government pound cell, destined to be euthanised, had no reason at all to trust people. Yet she arrived in our home filled with love, radiating positive energy and gratitude.

As time went on however, alongside the happy and sweet pup I just described, also appeared a slightly sassy teenager. We have had our fair share of problems such as reactivity, separation anxiety and hyperactive, destructive behaviours. We worked through it all, with literal blood, sweat and tears. I like to think our successful results are attributed to her willingness to work with us as well as her incredible intelligence.

In this blog I will discuss the R+ training methods we used to overcome her difficulties and write about her everyday adventures with her foster siblings making an occasional appearance. I have a lot of opinions, so chances are you will also find plenty of pro-rescue, vegan, force free content on our blog.

I hope you will enjoy our stories!