The Tail Wag!

I was just playing with Cherry and noticed how she was wagging her tail the whole time we were playing… Seems like no big deal, but it reminded me of the first few months when we hardly ever saw any movement in her tail. Now, it’s like a helicopter rotor, spinning in circles uncontrollably. She […]

My issues with saving dogs from the Yulin meat festival

Lately, I have had several recommended posts on Instagram about the dogs saved from the Yulin meat festival, their journey to the U.S. and Europe as well as their integration into their new homes. While I think any animals saved are great progress, I have a few hang ups about this specific type of animal […]

Training is Not a Straight Road

As someone with extensive dog-sitting, dog walking and even some dog training experience, I had been a part of several dogs’ lives at one point or another. Through these experiences, I gained an insight into dog ownership by seeing snippets of a dog’s life and training them through different stages of development. Of course, I […]